Accurate technical drawings are critical in the early design phase of many products, structures, and machines. These technical and engineering drawings are the instructions that are used in the production of the actual object. than just sketches, these documents are a kind of language that communicates all the information necessary to create the part. For the designer's vision to be delivered properly to the manufacturers, accuracy, precision, and quality are of the utmost importance.

Computer-aided drawing and drafting (CAD) technologies have dramatically improved the efficiency and the tools available to drafting technicians. It has also opened the potential for high-quality drafting work to be undertaken remotely. Working with expert drafting technicians remotely frees up the time and resources needed to hire in-house, allowing entrepreneurs and startups to leverage maximum value from their budgets.

Our Expertise

Sunvi Labs Eng LLC. specializes in working with the clients and various industries by providing high-quality CAD drafting and design services. Whatever the nature or scope of your project, we will connect you with expert drafting talent that will work with you to meet your project goals and timeline. With our in-house of CAD drafters, together with efficient business practices and lower overhead costs, Sunvi Labs Eng. is able to offer high-quality drafting services with quick turn-around time at a much more affordable price point than conventional drafting and design firms.

CAD Design & Drawings

    • Schematics
    • 3D Drawings
    • BIM Modeling
    • 2D CAD Drawing
    • CAD Conversions